First International Workshop
on Remote Entrusting
October 15-16, 2008
Trento - Italy

Remote Entrusting is a novel paradigm with the specific objective of ensuring that code running on an untrusted machine, is being executed in a trustworthy manner. In other words, the original code functionality (as originally specified and implemented) has not been modified prior to or during run-time. The assumption is the availability of a connection to trusted entities.

We intend to bring researchers together that are interested in the various topics that are related to the remote entrusting paradigm, for open discussions.

Important Dates
Submissions date: September 5, 2008
Submissions date: September 12, 2008
Notification date: September 17, 2008
Workshop date: October 15 - 16, 2008
Keynote: Mikhail Atallah - Purdue University, USA
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The worskhop is organized by the RE-TRUST project (Remote EnTrusting by RUn-time Software au- Thentication), funded by the European Commission under the Future Emerging Technology (FET) program.