Call For Contributions

RE-TRUST 2009 invites abstract and paper submissions on theory and techiques that are related to "Remote Entrusting".

We are seeking contributions that will stimulate the discussion in several different areas. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Computing with encrypted functions and data
  • Dynamic software updating
  • Hardware assisted software obfuscation
  • Leakage resilient cryptography
  • Obfuscation metrics
  • Remote software attestation
  • Remote entrusting
  • Self modifying code
  • Software obfuscation techniques
  • Software reverse engineering (and complexity)
  • Tamper resistant software
  • Trust mitigation
  • Trusted Computing
  • Usage of Lightweight hardware (Smart Cards and TPMs) for remote entrusting
  • White-box cryptography

The results themselves may or may not be recent, however we encourage the speakers to position the work in the context of "Remote Entrusting".

You can download the "Call for contribution" in PDF format here

Two types of submissions will be accepted:

full papers – full papers are supposed to contain novel material and they will be subject to peer review by the program committee. In case of acceptance, they will appear in formal proceedings

abstracts – the main purpose of abstracts is to foster discussion and brainstorming on the workshop topics.
They will be presented by authors but they will not appear in the proceedings.

Important Dates
Full paper submissions: July 15, 2009
Paper notification: August 14, 2009
Abstract submisisons: August 20, 2009
Abstract notification: August 25, 2009
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